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lucia apollo shaw

Posted on July 17 2018


What does grit have to do with soap you ask? A LOT!  The process I use to create the soaps is pretty expensive and labor intensive. I use a very high quality of silicone for the molds because the temperature of the soap is so high. Most soap is still made in plastic or wood molds which is why you do not have a level of detail often. Additionally a lot of alcohol is usually used with those molds so the soap comes out at the end. I do not use any alcohol ever.

I design the molds but then a human being HAND CARVES each mold I use to make my soap. We keep an original master on file but every time I need a new mold it is hand carved.

Some molds might last 6 months, others a year or so depending up their use and the level of detail in the soap. The Magnolia for example due to its size, detail and sheer depth is by far not only my most expensive mold to make but also the shortest lived mold. These generally only last about 6 months or so. I do have more than one mold but at the cost I still cannot run a production of 10 or more at a time.

I also use soap bases made in the US (more expensive) and make everything in small 2lb. batches to maximize the scent throw because I really want each piece to be a work of art when you receive it or gift it.

So like my time in the gym (requiring grit daily) my soapmaking requires some grit too. But I love it and I hope you do too. Thank you for your support of my small business.