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The meaning of flowers...

lucia apollo shaw

Posted on June 27 2018

The meaning of flowers...

I've long been a fan of the meaning of flowers and it often influences which flower molds I design for my soaps. The Victorian age celebrated the meaning of flowers and re-introduced it to the world.

But lesser known is the fact that the origin of the meaning of flowers is said to have been introduced by the Turkish and was known as a custom called "selam".

The "art" of sending or exchanging flowers was used to send a message, a request, declare your love, show gratitude, or seek forgiveness. It was and has been a way to communicate without words.

The first flower dictionary was written in 1819 in France. Since then many books have been written so while you find many similarities you will also find differences. My favorite work of fiction on the subject is Vanessa Diffenbaugh's "Language of Flowers". I'd love to hear your favorite comment!